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Business redesign consulting – we strive to improve your company

There is probably no business issue we haven’t had the opportunity to tackle.

How we help our clients
  • We analyse the needs and design effective solutions for HR and Communication Departments. We specialise in employee intranets and portals, business system and backoffice projects.

    • We conduct interviews and ethnographic research in companies
    • We analyse problems, recognise employees’ needs, and organise workshops
    • The systems we design are readily used by people at all levels in an organisation
  • No system or application functions in a contextual vacuum. To have a chance for a long-term return on investment, you need a strategy. We help to plan it.

    • Analysing your needs in the context of process digitisation
    • Conducting competitive benchmarking and examine the needs of all stakeholders
    • Identifying development potential and recommend directions for change
    • Developing a digital strategy and roadmap for its implementation
  • Using Service Design methods, we help large companies and startups create innovative products and services.

    • Providing support at the stage of conceptualisation, MVP creation and prototype testing
    • Validating business ideas through user research
    • We help build internal innovation centers – Living Labs
  • Even the smallest thing, like a background colour in a task app, can significantly reduce task completion times and ultimately save money. It is worth to entrust designing systems to user experience researchers and designers.

    • We design systems to support sales, HR and customer service processes that increase the efficiency of the organisation
    • We examine existing tools, develop their functionalities, and improve their usability
    • We provide arguments needed to make business and design decisions
  • We support the creation of online sales systems. We design, research and optimise purchasing processes in B2C online stores and B2B platforms.

    • Our portfolio includes hundreds of audits and usability tests of online stores
    • We design the user experience of e-commerce platforms based on analytical data and research information
    • We redesign, optimise checkout, increase conversion and loyalty

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