Design System

A Design System is a specification for the creation and use of all elements of a system, guaranteeing the consistency of services, experiences and interfaces.

Let's talk about Design System
  • How is a Design System created?
    First, we make an inventory of current company formats, gather requirements, and develop design templates. Then we design a library of elements, which is programmed by a front-end developer.
  • What does the Design System look like?
    Finally, we create an intuitive base of functional (interactions, usability rules), visual (colours, font sizes), linguistic (tone of voice), and programming elements

Our Design Systems are:

up to 80%
up to 80%
> 56000
users worldwide
> 56000
+ 500
+ 500

What will you gain by investing in Design System?

The Design System shortens time-to-market, reduces production costs, and enables component reusability and solution scalability. It helps maintain the consistency of many products and systems within an organisation (e.g. website, eBOK, or B2B panel). It is also very useful in communication as it supports the creation of a coherent customer experience.

Check out Amethyst – Design System, which we have developed for Grant Thornton Group.

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