Exploration means discovering - new needs, opportunities and chances

At this stage, we gather knowledge and outline the context of the project. Have you just started working on a product or service? You will need information if your idea has a chance. Exploration will allow us to get it for you!

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Type of research we will choose together

To explore an issue, we use various research techniques, such as in-depth interviews, focus group interviews or observation. We will conduct desk research to analyse the data you already have and prepare a report rich in suggestions.



Get to know the context of your project

Exploratory research is conducted at the initial stage of the design process, for example when we want to identify the needs of potential users. Thanks to collected information we can set further directions of the project.

When to conduct exploratory research? Use them when:

  • you need to understand your customers and their problems,
  • you want to define new target groups for your business,
  • you are looking for market inspiration or want to find out what the competition is up to.
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