Ethnographic research

When conducting ethnographic research, we go out into the field to observe the context and natural conditions in which users use products and services.

  • How do we research?

We combine different techniques to gather valuable information for the project more effectively. We supplement our observation of the user in his or her environment with an interview, which allows us to better understand the activities they perform.

  • What do we find out?

We observe how the use of an app or system is influenced by the environment – such as light, sounds, the number of distractions, and sometimes even clothing. We also get a sneak peek at habits and ways around difficulties.

What do you gain by investing in ethnographic research?

We often use ethnography in companies that are working on new tools for employees – intranets, customer service, production, or logistics systems.

In this case, we survey to see how employees cope without the system or with the existing solution. We observe which aspects are problematic for them, what they appreciate, or what is missing. We pass the findings on to the designers, who translate them into appropriate functionalities.

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