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We feed UX design with knowledge from research

We design UX based on the process and principles of User Centred Design, with a strong emphasis on the business context. In our company, designing is usually preceded by research and analysis, and designers work in interdisciplinary teams, exchanging business knowledge with researchers and consultants.

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How do we design good UX?

We design effective, functional, and responsive digital products and services. We help to arrange information using clear architecture, creating fillable forms, designing understandable and clear views. Based on UX designs we also prepare graphic UI designs.



Well-designed product will earn more

Solutions designed by us, support your business. We have experience in UX design for every field – from product and production departments, marketing, and sales/e-commerce, to HR or finance.

Consider working with us if:

  • you need to build a functional, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing solution,
  • your product or service requires knowledge,
  • you want your users to use your solutions more willingly and more often,
  • you have an idea for new functionalities and need UX design support.

Incredible ability to listen to the client's needs and find solutions that will not only satisfy them, but most importantly, be effective and efficient.

Marta Kachniarz Dyrektor Działu Rozwoju i Marketingu, Kanlux

We write about business design, digital strategy, user experience, research and innovations

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