UX audit

UX audit is an expert assessment through which we will check the usability of the website or application and compliance with good design practices. Our experts will go through the same processes and tasks in the service or application that the user would normally carry out.

  • Cognitive transition
    We will walk through the system, service, or application, simulating user actions. We will analyse all the key paths, processes, and activities for the solution to see if everything is working as it should or to capture what needs to be improved.
  • Heuristic transition
    We have been working for more than 10 years to refine the list of good design practices we use during this type of study. A heuristic walk-through will allow us to analyse your digital solution in great detail and suggest changes.

What do you gain by investing in an UX audit?

UX audit

Our analysis will be useful if you are planning a redesign, want to increase conversions in your e-commerce or notice that your users are reporting problems to support more frequently.

The audit will show you any areas that are worth improving, redesigning or analysing in more depth.

Do you need a UX audit for your website, shop, system or application?