We make companies work better

We believe in a digital future where technology improves lives and allows people to interact in a simple and intuitive way. We help companies in their digital transformation with a business design approach. We know they can operate more efficiently, cost-effectively, and provide better experiences for customers and employees.

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We understand business and improve business performance

Our range of work across industries, organizations and project types allows us to better understand our clients’ businesses. Our projects have improved the effectiveness of companies ranging from small startups with just a product idea to large corporations around the world.

What industries we specialize in

Amazing ability to skillfully listen to the client's needs and find solutions that will not only satisfy them, but most importantly, will be effective and efficient.

Marta Kachniarz Development and Marketing Director, Kanlux

We design business systems by considering the entire organization and its environment

  • We take into account different contexts – user, business and the whole environment
  • We help to diagnose the areas in need of improvement,
  • We know how to make the work of the company more unified and how to prevent the creation of organizational silos,
  • Using user experience and business design techniques we work out together the best solutions,
  • We help to create digital tool development strategies based on the needs of the organization.

We have the stability of a global organization, and the agility of a startup

We are part of Grant Thornton Poland – audit, tax, consulting – which belongs to a worldwide network of advisory and audit firms. Grant Thornton Poland has been on the polish market since 1993, employing over 800 people and operating in 7 cities across Poland. We are an independent project and research unit, but every day we have the opportunity to use the support and knowledge of 68,000+ Grant Thornton employees around the world. We create modern digital tools for them.

EDISONDA is people

We are specialists

We know what we’re doing, we challenge the status quo, and we flexibly adapt to small and large organizations. We are agile – we work with companies that use scrum and agile.

We have experience from many industries

We research, design and advise. We carry out various projects all over the world and approach each one individually.

We are a multidisciplinary and harmonious team

We combine our experience and knowledge of psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, industrial design specialists, as well as journalists and culture experts.

We know how to talk to everyone

We talk to users, but also to employees at various levels of organization. We give research-based recommendations and patiently answer questions.

Want to define a strategy for your product, service or company?