Discovery sprint

Discovery sprint helps in quick validation of a business idea. It is the perfect first step in building useful and scalable applications and business systems.

Let's talk
  • Why do you need a Discovery Sprint?

    We will together define the purpose and scope of your future product. We will develop personas and give you specific guidance on how to develop the product and test it with users.

  • What will the results be?

    In 2 weeks we will develop a Proof of Concept (PoC) and specification that you will use as a brief for developers, a presentation batch for VCs or an argument for stakeholder interviews.

  • How much time do you need?

    We would like to involve you in transfer knowledge workshop, preparation of analysis materials, strategic workshops and development of personas and Customer Journey Map. Then you will have to validate the results of our work. This usually takes 2-3 working days  within 2 weeks process.

What does the Discovery Sprint look like?



We will discuss project's objectives



We analyze the materials and information received



We map the ecosystem, identify business needs



Devloping personas and user stories



Screen flow and information architecture

Design concept


We design the 5 basic screens

What will we develop together?

Needs analysis
Customer journey map
Information architecture
5 screen designs

2 weeks and what's next?

Discovery sprint EDISONDA

As part of the Discovery Sprint, you will receive a recommendation for further work from us. Our experience tells us that it’s a good idea to start by testing your product idea with potential customers.

This can be structured exploratory research such as scenario-supported in-depth IDI interviews or even informal conversations and feedback gathering. We can help you with that too!


Want to define a strategy for your product, service or company?