Intelligent User Interface

With the increasing influence of artificial intelligence on digital products, creating an interface that is understandable, contextual and effective is becoming an end in itself.

Our experience in understanding users, technology and design patterns enables us to create intelligent, modern interfaces for the 21st century.

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Why do AIs need new interfaces?

  • The actions performed by AI are invisible to humans.
  • AI works and analyses much faster than the average user.
  • AI needs tailored forms of expression to communicate the full range of information.

In addition, artificial intelligence cannot always make decisions on its own, so in cases where it needs to, the human response needs to be simple and immediate.

With well-designed interfaces, we can take care of that.

15 years

This is Edisonda’s experience in the professional design of complex interfaces.

What is an intelligent interface?

The design approach focuses on using the full range of patterns to give users the highest level of understanding and control over the actions of the artificial intelligence.

A key element is hyper-personalisation, which involves adapting forms of communication with the user in a way that is relevant and optimal to the context.

Interfaces are designed to learn user preferences.

This makes AI actions transparent and fully understandable, significantly improving the user experience.

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It is humans who are creating the future of machine-human interaction. Without a good user experience (UX), even the best AI-powered product may not be enough. The future of AI is people and, above all, new ways of interacting.

Mateusz Jędraszczyk AI Consultant / Lead Product Designer

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