AI Discovery

AI Discovery is a comprehensive study designed to uncover the potential and find the contexts in which artificial intelligence can support your product or solution.

We know how to use AI effectively to maximise the experience of using digital solutions.

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What do you get with AI Discovery?

Tailor your AI capabilities to the real needs and expectations of your users.

Understand the behaviour of your future users and how they currently solve problems.

Recommendations on the type of artificial intelligence to use in your solution.

Information about your users’ openness and willingness to use AI to perform tasks.

Up to 1600 hours

That’s how long our researchers spend each year observing and analysing user behaviour during the discovery phase.

How does AI Discovery work?

We start the AI discovery process with a detailed analysis of user behaviour and preferences by directly observing their daily interactions. This gives us reliable information about how users perform different tasks and the obstacles they encounter.

We then diagnose weaknesses in the current processes and assess opportunities for AI to improve them, identifying the elements that cause users the most difficulty.

On this basis we:

  • create a customer journey and identify where the application of AI can bring the greatest benefits
  • design a new, streamlined process designed to support AI.

Throughout the process, we select optimal research methods, such as observations, in-depth interviews and focus groups, to thoroughly understand user needs and determine where AI can be most effectively applied.

Free consultation

The success of digital products lies in understanding the needs of users and fine-tuning AI to meet those needs.

Anna Grabara Team Leader Research

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As a digital product partner and part of the Grant Thornton Poland network, we offer consultancy, design solutions and enhancements to enrich your digital products and ideas. From the research stage to achieving concrete results.

We provide professional advice, in-depth research analysis and solutions at every stage of the innovation process. From the research and identification of business needs, through the exploration and idea generation phase where we develop ideas from simple concepts to more advanced projects, to the design, implementation and refinement of finished digital products. We carry out these activities in the competitive world of large and established companies.

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