Usability tests

We carry out usability tests to determine whether a service or application is really useful. This type of UX testing will be useful when designing new solutions or functionalities and when redesigning.

  • Who do we survey?
    We invite current or potential users to take part in the study, who perform tasks under our supervision based on a pre-developed scenario.
  • How do we conduct usability tests?
    Our researchers observe the respondents’ reactions to each task and analyse any difficulties. Depending on the needs, we test sketches, product mock-ups, or the existing solution.

What do you gain by investing in usability tests?

Usability tests - EDISONDA

We describe each problem identified and recommend changes that should be made. We present the results of the research and design suggestions in a report, which can later serve as a guideline for designers and business managers.

We often supplement usability tests with elements of in-depth interviews (IDI) or eye-tracking, i.e. recording the user’s gaze path.

Do you need usability tests for your website, shop, system or app?