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UX research helps to make data-driven decisions

We perform ethnographic research and usability testing of websites, applications, internal systems, and even physical products. All to gain information about user needs that fuel business.

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UX research by EDISONDA

We will choose the type of research together

If you have a finished product, an audit or usability tests will be useful. If you are just thinking about implementing a new solution, we will start with exploratory research. Based on the results we will help you to make business decisions.


Test the product, understand the needs

We successfully use UX research in every area of company activity – from product and production departments, through marketing and sales/e-commerce, to HR or finance. Most of the research can be conducted remotely

When to choose UX research?

Choose research if you want to find out:

  • if your product idea meets users’ needs,
  • if and how users use your system or application,
  • what are the employees’ needs in the context of digitalisation of processes,
  • why conversions in your online store are dropping,
  • how to implement changes in your products, services or company, based on data.

Through research, we know how to communicate DNA test results to patients, doctors, and genetic consultants. We have gained a user's perspective!

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