Rocket Ideas: e-commerce (REPORT)

Introducing the next Rocket Ideas report, our expert perspective on the world of digital innovation.


Rocket Ideas: e-commerce

We constantly monitor innovation across many sectors – from fintech to healthcare to logistics (delivery experience). The changing landscape of business and technology has inspired us to create the Rocket Ideas report series. We want this to be more than just a regular publication. It’s our shared platform for deepening knowledge and exchanging ideas about the technological future and how to do business in the new digital reality.

We have dedicated this issue of the Report to the topic of e-commerce, but unlike in previous editions, our expert, Milosz Michałowski-Żuk, was tempted not only to point out the most interesting trends and innovations, but also decided to take a broader, retrospective look at how e-commerce has changed, which trends have survived, and what remains constant and invariable in terms of running an e-commerce business.

We invite you to download our report and share it with others. May it inspire as many people as possible!

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