About us

We help to understand the user

We believe that UX is about more than just creating prototypes. This is why our focus is purely concentrated on understanding the demands and needs of Users and to place these elements into a business context. We are the largest User Experience studio in Poland.

Living in Kraków, operating globally.

We support international companies, start-ups, governmental and non-governmental organisations. We are the part of the Grant Thornton Group and a member of the international organisation  IUXP.

An office with a homely feel

We value a homely atmosphere. Daily fresh fruit deliveries, a cupboard full of tasty treats and sweets and an atmospheric balcony with a breath-taking view of Wawel Castle definitely goes towards achieving this.

Want to gain some experience?

Why not participate in Projektosonda - our trainee competition? Solve an NGO problem and join our team! So far, we have cooperated with Szlachetna Paczka, Poland Business Run and WOŚP.

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