E-commerce Health Check Audit

The healthcheck e-commerce audit is a list of UX criteria for a well-designed online shop that we have developed. We will use it to find out what could work even better in your e-store.

Why do you need an E-Commerce Health Check?

An E-Commerce Health Check audit will identify the causes of unsatisfactory conversions, basket abandonment, or declining customer loyalty. You will find out whether your shop is keeping up with current standards and good design practices and whether it is able to respond to e-consumers’ expectations.

What will the results be?

We present the results in a detailed report, in which we discuss the criteria not met and recommend improvements, and verbally, in a meeting with you. We identify which shop changes are a priority to help you plan well for further shop improvements.

How much time do you need?

The duration of the audit depends on the scope of the audit and the number of devices on which we will be checking your shop. Typically, audits conducted using the E-Commerce Health Check method close within a few days, maximum.

How much does the E-Commerce Health Check cost?

We estimate costs on an individual basis – based on information about your needs and the expected scope of the audit.

We understand that companies have different requirements and budgets, so we are happy to work out an option that is right for you. Contact us for a price estimate!

What will we develop for you?

After checking your shop against the 130 criteria, we will develop a list of identified errors and areas for improvement. For each problem, illustrated with a screenshot, we will prepare a solution recommendation for you.

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You have received the results of the E-Commerce Health Check and what’s next?

In the E-Commerce Health Check audit report, for the errors identified, we indicate their severity: we identify which problems are pressing and need to be fixed immediately, and which problems do not block users from making a purchase and can be addressed step by step to improve the user experience. This makes it easier for you to prioritise and plan your next steps.


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