Business Requirements Workshop

Whether you want to carry out a digital transformation, offer new services to your customers, or improve a solution that is not working – a business needs workshop will help you identify the starting point and the optimal way to carry out your project.

Why do you need a Business Requirements Workshop?

During a 3-hour online meeting, our team will help you define the scope and business objectives of the project you are facing. During the meeting, we will use one of the scenarios, prepared on the basis of experience gathered from hundreds of completed projects.

What will the results be?

After the workshop, you will get access to an interactive whiteboard with a summary of the meeting and a recommendation of the next steps to be taken in the project along with a proposed work plan.

What will your involvement be?

Product developers, directors, and board members are encouraged to attend the workshop. The meeting consists of a series of exercises. Prior to the workshop itself, we will provide you with a link to an interactive whiteboard and a short introductory task.

How does the Business Requirements Workshop work?



We will meet to talk about your challenges



Prior to the meeting, we will provide you with a link to the interactive whiteboard



We map the ecosystem of services and products, identify business needs



After the workshop we will send our recommendations



At the online meeting we will discuss the recommendations made



The outcome of the Workshop will be the recommendation of a target process

What about after the workshop? 

The final recommendations will help you clarify the scope of the project and assess its feasibility. With the information gathered during the meeting, our team will prepare a proposal tailored to the needs of your organisation. It will take into account not only the project objectives but also the context of your organisation (way of working, team structure).

Using this information, you will be able to make more effective decisions on the implementation of the project and the final scope of work.

How much does a Business Requirements Workshop cost?

We have developed the scenarios of the workshop based on our long-term experience in implementing more than several hundred projects for Polish and foreign organisations.  We know that companies have different needs depending on the scale of operations, the stage of development, or the market situation in a given industry.

Preparing and conducting a workshop costs  1 800 EUR net. The cost is a fixed lump sum and includes the involvement of a team of consultants and copyrights to all materials created.

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