Personas and protopersonas

A persona is, in simple terms, a fictional character representing a typical user of a product or service. The tool describes her goals, habits, and problems, relevant to the solution being designed.

  • How is a persona created?
    When creating personas, we use the findings of the research (e.g. interviews). During the analysis, we consider why the user reaches for the product and what effect they want to achieve with it. We record the results on an original canvas.
  • What does the persona look like?
    We try to make the description as detailed as possible. We describe general characteristics, i.e. problems, habits, or fears, but also specific characteristics, such as job, position, competence, or attitude to innovation.

What do you gain if you create personas?

Persona will allow the team to empathise with the users for whom they are creating the product. The characters created accompany the product creation process further, but also in subsequent sales and marketing activities, reminding the prospect and the needs of potential customers.

Do you want to develop a persona or protopersona for your product or service?