Card Sorting and Tree Testing

Card Sorting and Tree Testing are methods we use when building a portal, system or application information architecture that is intuitive to users.

  • What is Card Sorting?

If we are just setting up the navigation structure we use open sorting – respondents are given a list of items, which they group together and name the groups. If we already have categories, we choose closed sorting – the participants get the items and the category names and combine them. A third variant, the so-called free list, is proposed when respondents know the assumptions and decide for themselves which elements they would like to include in the navigation.

  • What is Tree Testing?

We use this method when we need to test an existing navigation tree. This way, we know whether the categories have been named and grouped appropriately.

Why do you need Card Sorting and Tree Testing?

These methods are particularly useful when designing large, content-saturated portals or complex tools. They ensure that all information and functionalities are accessible and properly named, and that users do not get lost in the navigation.

We use them successfully, for example, in the design of complex internal systems and intranets.

Are you working on an information architecture for your product or service?