AI-powered Research System

This ground-breaking tool enables companies to efficiently gather, analyse and share knowledge across the organisation.

With Research System, organisations can make more informed decisions about products and services.

Leverage the full potential of the knowledge you collect about your customers and make decisions based on solid data, not guesswork.

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AI-powered Research System is an advanced research system supported by artificial intelligence that helps companies manage their research results. Thanks to AI, the data we analyse is structured and easily accessible, leading to better understanding and more effective collaboration within the organisation.

Unlike traditional systems, the modern approach allows the use of artificial intelligence capabilities to streamline the process of working with research results and find repeatable patterns in large datasets.

Key benefits

By creating an AI-powered Research System, organisations gain an effective knowledge management tool that enables them to

  • Centralised knowledge management
    The system enables research findings to be centrally stored and shared, eliminating knowledge silos within departments.
  • Facilitate decision making
    With easy access to up-to-date data, organisations can make more informed decisions.
  • Save time
    AI assistants and knowledge repository make it easier to find information, saving time.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of customer needs
    AI Persons enable the team to make more sophisticated use of information gathered from a specific audience.

Pillars of the AI-powered research system

Knowledge repository

A knowledge repository is a central database that stores research, analysis and other relevant information. Within the repository, knowledge is organised and easily accessible so that people can quickly find the information they need. The repository acts as the 'second brain' of the organisation, allowing it to be accessed efficiently at any point in the project process.

AI Assistant

AI Assistant is a virtual assistant that facilitates database searches and generates answers to user questions. It is an intuitive chatbot that allows intuitive interaction with a language model built into the repository. AI Assistant can direct users to specific documents or provide comprehensive answers to research questions.

AI Personas

AI Persona is a virtual representation of a typical representative of the target audience. It allows interaction with a voice model based on an extracted set of survey data. It allows in-depth and personalised interaction with the model, testing hypotheses, evaluating new ideas and simulating the behaviour of different customer segments, which is extremely useful in the product development process.

Artificial intelligence becomes an integral part of the research process

An AI-powered Research System, which enables organisations to more effectively collect, analyse and share knowledge from ongoing research, is one of the game-changing tools we offer our clients.

In this article, we take a closer look at what an AI-powered Research System is, the elements that make it up, and how it can help organisations with their decision-making.

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How do we work?

The process of developing an AI-powered Research System is divided into stages. First, we conduct a workshop to learn about the client’s current research cycle, understand the segmentation and strategic objectives for which research is conducted in the organisation.

The next step is to analyse the structure and formats of the data to make it consistent and structured. The next step is to select the ecosystem and language model.

The actual development of the system starts with the construction of a knowledge base and its enrichment with found data. The resulting database is then integrated with an appropriately configured language model.

The final step in the process is to configure and feed data to the AI personas to reflect the characteristics of the selected customer segments as accurately as possible.

The process in simple steps

1. Workshops
2. Working with data
3. Choosing a language model and database
4. Building a repository
5. Configuring the LLM model

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