My ING – banking app that changes everything

My ING is one of the first fully responsive and personalised online consumer banking in Poland. We designed it together with the ING Bank team, applying an extensive and elaborate user-centered design process.

Results of our work

2 mln
downloads of the My ING app
2 mln
users' rating of the application
more money transfers in the app

My ING – how to fit a bank in your pocket?

ING Bank Śląski has been operating in the Polish financial services market since 1989 and is one of the largest financial institutions in Poland. It currently serves 4.4 million retail clients and has over 300 branches. It was one of the first banks on our market to introduce a mobile application for online personal banking services.


What were the goals?

Our goal was to support the ING Bank team in UX design and research of a system for handling individual accounts online. The solution had to be available on desktop devices, tablets, and smartphones.

How did we approach this?

  • We joined the ING team, sharing our knowledge and experience from previous projects,
  • During several sessions, we surveyed hundreds of users and gathered insights from them,
  • Based on the outcomes of the research we have created personas and mapped customer journeys,
  • We conducted research with respondents from different age groups, including seniors and children,
  • We used various research methods – usability tests, eye-tracking, in-depth interviews.

My ING Mobile application offers (among other things):

  • checking your account balance before logging in,
  • Touch ID login,
  • mobile authorisation of transfers and transfers to a phone,
  • easy online investing,
  • full access to your financial information,
  • quick transfers (BLIK method),
  • setting savings goals.

The knowledge that pays off

Our dedicated design team has supported the bank for several years in working on the development of My ING and the creation of many other banking services. We still regularly conduct UX research with users. We explore new functionalities and products and make sure that the development of the application takes into consideration the needs of bank’s clients.

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