Intranet for TAURON – Tauronet

Tauronet is the TAURON Group’s intranet that we designed. We packaged the first concept in a tube. That’s how the story begins.

Results of our work

16 000
unique users per day
16 000
1,5 mln
pageviews per month
1,5 mln
18 000
pages within the system
18 000

Intranet – different positions, different needs

The TAURON Group is a key entity in the energy sector and an important link in Poland’s energy security system.

The TAURON Group’s core business is a generation, distribution, and sale of electricity and heat.

The TAURON Group currently employs over 25,000 people.

What were the goals?

The goal we set ourselves was to design an intranet for 30,000 TAURON Group employees working in various positions and under various conditions.

Intranet for Tauron

How did we approach this?

  • We met with over a hundred TAURON Group employees
  • Over 3,000 people completed an online survey
  • We developed a broad benchmark of solutions
  • We conducted ethnographic research and interviews

Intranet project step by step

  • We designed over 300 mockups
  • We created the Web Manual and graphic design
  • We conducted eye-tracking studies and usability tests with employees

In addition to the Intranet project…

We proposed a plan to promote the Intranet to spread the solution and encourage group employees to use it on a daily basis. We suggested harnessing the power of leaders – the evangelists of the solution. We also developed guidelines for content editors to help keep messages and articles consistent.

We received an award

Tauronet – TAURON Group’s intranet was among the 10 best intranets in a competition organised by the American Nielsen Norman Group.

Intranet for TAURON award

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